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The APIQ Panel Supply Chain representative position was recently vacated by Ms Jackie Healing.  The APL Board and staff, APIQ Management and Panel members express their thanks to Ms Healing for her service and wish her every success in her future endeavours.

‘Anyone can write a Standard, but not anyone can write a Standard that makes a difference. It’s been great to be involved with a program such as APIQP® that’s in tune with industry and to have the commitment we’ve got is a credit to the way it runs. It’s been a nice balance of styles and direction’.

Jackie Healing – Retired APIQ Panel member

Newly appointed to the APIQ Panel is Mr Rob Cumine as the Supply Chain representative.

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APIQ Standards Revision Taking Effect April 2017

Each Year the APIQtick13x14® Standards and Performance Indicators are reviewed by stakeholders, including producers of all sizes and types of production, with opportunities for improvement identified and changes drafted for industry review.  Once the review process is completed and improvements approved by the APL Board, they are presented to industry Delegates before being released to industry.  Revised and Approved Standards (Version 4.2 1/2017) will be taking effect on 1 April 2017 as a result of the 2016 review.

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Australian Pork Industry
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APIQ® is an on-farm quality assurance system.  It is based on managing farm risks by following Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), using the principles of Hazard Analysis and managing Critical Control Points (HACCP).

APIQ® provides the framework and standards by which Australian pig producers can demonstrate they are responsible farmers who care for their animals, the environment and their customers, by following safe and sustainable practices.