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APIQ Third Party Auditing

A proposal was put to industry delegates in November 2016 to move 100 per cent to independent auditing of piggeries by an independent Third Party.This is seen by many stakeholders as a significant but necessary improvement to the program that increases credibility and increases the value of APIQü® to the industry.

The majority of delegates agreed with the proposal and after extensive discussion, APIQ Management was instructed to provide delegates with information that they could take to their constituents for discussion on the subject.  APIQ Management put together a brief tri-fold brochure answering a few key questions that delegates had which producers are expected to have.  This brochure was posted to certified producers at the close of 2016 and at the current time feedback is being gathered from all stakeholders to allow delegates and the APL Board to decide on a way forward in May 2017.  

The brochure is available for viewing by clicking here

All stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback by contacting the APIQ Team on 1800 789 099 or by emailing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .