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Auditors have a responsibility to ensure that the APIQ® Standards are being met, and to report their findings in a clear and accurate manner so that APIQM can assess a producer's compliance to the Standards, and determine if it meets Certification requirements. The auditor should be familiar with the previous audit, if applicable, and would then perform the following on-site functions as part of a Compliance Audit:

Desk Audit: Having greeted the producer and/or their representative and signed into the site, the auditor meets with the producer or their representative in an opening meeting and reviews the audit plan. The auditor begins by conducting a review of the Piggery Management Manual (previously known as QA Manual) and recording system. This is best done by having the producer locate and outline key elements of the manual(s) and record(s), paying particular attention to issues that arose in the previous audit to see that they have been rectified and are not repeated. The auditor selects and checks other focus areas that arise through the course of the discussion.

Site Audit: The auditor conducts a Site Audit by walking through the facilities and piggery areas, observing the operations being carried out, discussing activities with workers, owners or management, and evaluating the practices being used against the APIQ® Standards and the manuals and records reviewed in the desk audit.

Closing Meeting: Having completed the Desk and Site Audit, a closing meeting (discussion) is convened with the producer or their representative to:

 - Review the findings and observations of the compliance audit.
 - Agree to and sign off on Corrective Action Requests (CARs) with the producer.
 - Outline further steps required for approval.
 - Sign the final audit report (where the audit report is completed on the day).

The auditor is responsible for completing and submitting the signed Audit Report and agreed CARs to the producer and APIQM by the due date. The due date is before the last day of the month prior to expiry of APIQ® Certification. It is also the auditor's responsibility to follow through with the producer to ensure CARs have been satisfactorily closed-out and signed-off.

Auditor Guide: The APIQ® Auditor Guide is currently under review and will soon be available in Manuals under the APIQ Information.