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APIQ Standards Revision Taking Effect April 2017

Each Year the APIQtick13x14® Standards and Performance Indicators are reviewed by stakeholders, including producers of all sizes and types of production, with opportunities for improvement identified and changes drafted for industry review.  Once the review process is completed and improvements approved by the APL Board, they are presented to industry Delegates before being released to industry.  Revised and Approved Standards (Version 4.2 1/2017) will be taking effect on 1 April 2017 as a result of the 2016 review.

Third Party Auditing For APIQ Approved

After careful consideration, the APL Board has approved Third Party Auditing (TPA) for APIQtick13x14® effective 1 January 2018 with AUS-MEAT Ltd contracted as the TPA provider.

The APL Board considers that this change is necessary to ensure that APIQ systems are robust, credible and sustainable into the future. 

APIQ Uptake is currently at 90.1%

Our target to maintain is 90%.

Approved Amendment to CSC 1.3 A

APIQ Management advise that 'Boar Taint Vaccine' may now be used by producers that are CSC certified.  This amendment has been reviewed and approved by the APL Board and takes effect as of 16 January 2017.  It will be published initially as an amendment to APIQalt®  Standards Version 4.1 10/2015 and will be incorporated in Version 4.2 1/2017.

Changes to Stockperson Competency in Queensland

Recently the Queensland Government endorsed changes to stockperson competency requirements in the Animal Care and Protection Regulation of 2012 for Queensland pig producers. They changed the criteria and definition around being deemed “Suitably Qualified” to carry out a husbandry procedure on a pig.  

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