APIQ_® Audit Fee Increase

APIQ Management has worked closely with AUSMEAT to maintain the same audit fee structure since October 2017. In line with the APL/AUSMEAT Service Agreement, a fee review was requested by AUSMEAT in July 2019 and a 4% increase was approved by the APL Board in September 2019.

The revised fee structure will take effect from 1 October 2019, a full description of the revised fees can be found here.

APIQM continues to work with AUSMEAT to manage audit costs, including through recruitment activities to place auditors closer to producers and therefore reduce travel related expenses. For example producers in Southern NSW will soon be service by an auditor from Wagga Wagga, WA now has a second auditor located South of Perth and Victoria has an additional auditor in the South West region.

If you have any questions about the new fee structure please contact Steven Miller, APIQ Operations Manager on 02 6270 8808 or steven.miller@australianpork.com.au.