The APIQ_® Program

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The Australian Pork Industry Quality Program (APIQ_®), was first launched to enhance the reputation of the Australian pork industry as a reliable supplier of safe, healthy and wholesome pork.

It is a voluntary program, administered by Australian Pork Limited (APL) on behalf of the pig industry.  Over time, APIQ_® provided the framework and tools for pork producers to demonstrate good practices for food safety, traceability, animal welfare and biosecurity.

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APIQ_® Program Outline

On-farm systems do not have to be complicated to demonstrate how you meet quality assurance standards.

APIQ_® makes it easier for Australian Pig Producers.

The program is based on seven key focus areas and it requires producers to document procedures on-farm outlining how key tasks are carried out, monitoring the tasks, recording the results  of those actions and checking that the results comply with the Standards.

Basically, your Piggery Management Manual and records describe the day-to-day tasks on your farm, and how they are performed. Providing you follow accepted ‘Good Agricultural Practices’ (GAP), and successfully meet APIQ_® Standards, you will receive APIQ_® Certification that allows you to sell your pigs as ‘Quality Assured’.

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The APIQ_® Program is governed by Certification Policies and Administrative Policies.

Australian Pork Limited (APL), as the national representative body of pig producers, is the owner and managing agent of the APIQ_® program and has stewardship of the APIQ_® program on behalf of the industry.

APIQ Management (APIQM) role is to support producers to enable them to meet the APIQ_® Standards, and to protect and enhance the integrity of APIQ_® by managing the APIQ_® program in accordance with the Certification and Administrative Policies.

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The APIQ Panel

APL, the APL Board Quality Assurance and Animal Welfare Committee, the APL Board, the APIQ Panel and APIQM each play important but different roles in the effective development and management of APIQ_®.

The APIQ Panel is a panel of appointed experts from various fields.  It is independent of the APL Board, APL Board Quality Assurance and Animal Welfare Committee, APIQ Auditors and APIQM.

The APIQ_® Panel’s role is to make decisions regarding producer and auditor issues of non-compliance to APIQ_® Policy and Standards and the integrity of APIQ_® as a recognised program of high quality that adds value to producers.

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APIQ Management

The APIQM role is to facilitate and support producers to meet the Standards of the APIQ_® program and to protect and enhance the integrity of APIQ_® by managing the program in accordance with the APIQ_® Standards and the Certification and Administrative Policies, including annual verification and certification of the system by a suitably qualified Certifying Body (CB).

APIQM is directed in its decisions by the APIQ_® policies, procedures and framework.

APIQM currently resides in, and is under the guidance of, the APL Research and Innovation Division.

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APIQM knows you will have questions about industry standards and how to become APIQ_®accredited.

FAQ’s will be updated to help answer your questions, but the APIQM team can be contacted on 1800 789 099.

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