APIQ Management

APIQ Management

APIQ Management (APIQM) manages the program on the industry’s behalf.

A wide range of stakeholders have provided technical and policy input to the program, including producers,
scientists, QA and audit experts, retailers and customer organisations, government, and supply chain
members. APIQM is available to help all stakeholders with APIQ_® accreditation queries and processes.

Contact the APIQM team if you have any questions or concerns at 1800 789 099 or email apiq@australianpork.com.au

Bjorn Ludvigsen
APIQ_® Lead, Producer Relations

0439 261 168



Jennifer Stone
Producer Relations Administrative Support, Producer Relations

02 6270 8828


Part Time Hours: 9:30 to 2:30 Monday to Friday


Paul Bonighton
Producer Relations Director

0436 677 248