Company Profile

Company Profile

The Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ_®) is the industry sponsored program for quality assurance. Australian Pork Limited (APL), as the national representative body of pork producers, is the owner and managing agent of the APIQ_® program on behalf of the industry.


APIQ_® has the APIQ_® Panel to make decisions regarding producer and auditor issues of non-compliance to APIQ_® Policy and Standards and the integrity of APIQ_® as a recognised program of high quality that adds value to producers.

APIQM is a team of support within APL. It is responsible for the administration and support required for the APIQ_® program to run.

The regular auditing of quality assured producers is conducted by AUS-MEAT to ensure APIQ_® is a robust and credible quality assurance program with on-farm compliance verified through an independent audit system.


APIQ_® is designed to provide the framework and tools for pig enterprises to demonstrate their practice for food safety, traceability, animal welfare, biosecurity, environment, transport and management.

APIQ_® Certification incorporates the legal requirements set out in the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Pigs (3rd Edition, 2007). Certification enables producers to demonstrate that they are meeting relevant State and Federal legislation and following good agricultural practice.

APIQ_® also supports the requirements of the industry-wide traceability system, the PigPass National Vendor Declaration (PigPass NVD) by providing the supporting QA framework.