Q What does APIQ_® do for me?

As a pork producer:

  • APIQ_® provides the framework and tools to help you implement efficient management and recording systems on-farm
  • APIQ_® certification gives your customers assurance that you meet high standards for food safety, animal welfare, biosecurity, traceability, environment and transport, that you manage potential hazards and risks (HACCP) and follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in your piggery
  • Compliance to APIQ_® standards helps protect your piggery and the industry from exotic diseases
  • APIQ_® certification opens the door to both domestic and export markets
  • APIQ_® removes confusion by having one set of standards for certified producers, and customers know what APIQ_® certification stands for
  • Managing a piggery according to the APIQ_® standards delivers pigs of a consistent quality, which in turn, delivers customer satisfaction and profitability
Q What is the role of Australian Pork Limited (APL) in APIQ_®?

APL, as the national representative body for pig producers, is the owner and managing agent of the APIQ_® program. APL has stewardship of the APIQ_® program on behalf of the industry.

Q Why has APL developed APIQ_®?

A producer’s specific markets may require that the producer has QA in order to supply pigs to them. For example, if a producer sells pigs to or through an export processor for possible export, the producer must have on-farm QA. If you sell pigs to a customer that sells pork and pork products that are required to be underpinned by on-farm QA, you must have QA. APIQ_® has been developed by APL, on behalf of the industry to meet the requirements of markets, regulators and customers. APL aims to help producers by providing a program that allows a producer to demonstrate how they meet the production standards deemed acceptable by customers, consumers and regulators; APIQ_® is the industry sponsored QA program. APL, with producer support, believes it is better for producers to have input into the requirements and standards of QA and promote a single program accepted by all markets and customers, than it would be to have several QA programs imposed upon producers by individual customers.

Q Who manages APIQ_®?

The administration and management of APIQ_® is the responsibility of APIQ_® Management (APIQM), which operates within the APL Research and Innovation Division. APIQM is guided by the certification and administrative policies that govern the program. Only APIQM can approve a farm’s certification.