APIQ_® Program Outline

APIQ_® Program Outline

APIQ_® Certification allows producers to demonstrate that they meet legal requirements, industry Standards and customer specifications. It requires producers to document procedures on-farm outlining how key tasks are carried out, monitoring the tasks, recording the results of those actions and checking that the results comply with the Standards.

APIQ_® has three Certification options available. They are:
» Indoor (Referred to as APIQ_®)
» APIQ_® Free Range
» APIQ_® Outdoor Bred, Raised Indoors on Straw

APIQ_® also provides options to undertake Verification of particular additional requirements for specific needs. These Verification Options are Gestation Stall Free Verification and Customer Specifications Verification for Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd.

APIQ_® Standards have seven modules:

  1. Management
    Helping producers manage their piggery in a systematic manner.
  2. Food Safety
    Helping to produce food that is safe.
  3. Animal Welfare
    Helping producers maintain high standards of animal care.
  4. Biosecurity
    Helping the producer manage the health risks to their pigs; other pigs they may have contact with when they leave the farm; and people who may be in contact with them.
  5. Traceability
    Compliance with the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) and PigPass National Vendor Declaration (PPNVD) requirements.
  6. Environment
    Helping producers maintain a high standard of environmental management.
  7. Transport
    To help ensure pigs transported off farm arrive in good condition and transport risks are managed.

Other modules may be added to APIQ_® where APIQ_® Standards and Performance Indicators have been agreed and approved by the Australian Pork Limited (APL) Board, in order to take account of evolving industry requirements.

A wide range of stakeholders have provided technical and policy input to the program, including producers, scientists, QA and audit experts, retailers and customer organisations, government, and supply chain members. The program was also trialled on-farm in different herd sizes and types of production systems.

Benefits of APIQ_® to Pig Producers

Managing a piggery according to the APIQ_® prescribed program delivers pigs of a consistent quality, which in turn, delivers customer satisfaction and profitability.

Today’s discerning consumers are less informed about farm practices and food production than they used to be, but are more aware and concerned about animal welfare and food safety, requiring greater assurance from industry on these issues.

  • APIQ_® provides the framework and tools to help you implement efficient management and recording systems on-farm.
  • APIQ_® Certification gives your customers assurance that you meet high standards for food safety, animal welfare, biosecurity and traceability, as well as good agricultural practice in managing your pigs.
  • APIQ_® helps protect your piggery and the industry from exotic diseases.
  • APIQ_® Certification opens the door to both domestic and export markets.
  • APIQ_® removes confusion by having one set of standards for certified producers, and customers know what APIQ_® Certification stands for.


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