Gestation Stall Free (GSF) Verification

APIQ_® certified producers can apply to APIQM for Gestation Stall Free (GSF) verification once they are fully compliant with these Standards and Performance Indicators found in the APIQ_® Standards Manual.

To be verified GSF you need to revise your Piggery Management Manual, SOPs, Work Instructions, maps and plans to reflect the changes to your on-farm systems to meet the GSF requirements and then:

  • Ensure that your auditor audits against the APIQ_® GSF Standards in your next APIQ_® Compliance Audit; OR
  • If you need verification earlier than your next Compliance Audit, have a registered APIQ_® Auditor visit the piggery at any time to complete an audit against the GSF Standards and Performance Indicators.

The auditors final report will be sent to APIQM recommending that GSF be applied to your APIQ Certification, APIQM will then revise your records to show that you meet GSF requirements and you will be able to download your revised APIQ_® Certificate from the PigPass web portal.