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Based on the Australian Pork Limited (APL) 'Outdoor Bred, Raised Indoors on Straw' (OB) Definition, which is:

'Outdoor Bred, Raised Indoors on Straw' pork production means that breeding pigs live in open spaces with free access to paddocks for their entire adult life; with rooting and foraging areas, wallows where conditions and local regulations allow, bedded shelter and adequate feed and water provided.  Piglets are born and raised under these conditions until weaning.
At weaning piglets move to bedded grow-out housing with adequate feed and water provided where they remain until sale or slaughter. Housing can be permanent or portable structures or outdoor pens with shelter. The shelters must have an impermeable base and / or be located and moved regularly to minimise nutrient leaching and runoff.
Pigs may be temporarily confined to pens for routine health treatments and husbandry practices, or when directed by a veterinarian.

Paddocks and soils are managed to meet the APIQtick13x14® Environmental Standards and Performance Indicators including soil monitoring, nutrient management, promoting even nutrient distribution and land and water protection. 

outdoor bred raised indoors on straw 

 To request an application for use of the APL Certified Outdoor Bred, Raised Indoors on Straw Logo email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.