APIQ_® Manuals and Guides

Manuals and Guides

APIQ_® Standards Manual

  • The APIQ_® Standards are presented in seven (7) modules, each with defined outcomes and performance indicators.

APIQ_® Implementation Manual

  • This manual is to assist Large Holders to implement APIQ on farm.
  • This is a useful starting point to become familiar with APIQ and how to establish your  Piggery Management Manual.

APIQ_® Small Holder Manual

  • Guidelines to help small producers implement APIQ_® on farm.

APIQ_® Reference Manual

  • This Manual includes practical information on on-farm practices and guidelines to ensure compliance to APIQ_®.

APIQ_® Compliance Guide

  • This is a guide to APIQ_®  compliance for producers and auditors.  This is a tool / practical guide on the type of evidence that a producer could use to demonstrate compliance with each APIQ_® Standard and Performance Indicator.
  • Note that the lists within this guide are not definitive, they are suggestive only.  Other evidence options may be identified and used by producers, and may be accepted by auditors, as evidence of compliance at the time of conducting a Compliance audit.

APIQ_® Express Audit Checklist

  • Available as an excel spreadsheet or PDF, our “Express Audit Checklist” to be used in conjunction with the Compliance Guide and Standards Manual.  This will enable you to conduct an internal audit of your site to determine if your quality assurance system currently covers all of the APIQ_® Standards.

APIQ_® Pig Management Diary

  • If you are a small holder (less than 50 sows), the Pig management Diary covers on-farm record keeping.
  • This Manual is only available in hardcopy and is available upon request to APIQM.