APIQ_® Standards Manual Version 4.5 5/2019 – Effective 1 July 2019

The APL Board has revised the APIQ_® Standards in light of recent and ongoing biosecurity threats.

Please refer to the APIQ_® Standards Amendment Table for Version 4.5 5/2019 which highlights the changes.

Version 4.5 5/2019 of the APIQ_® Standards take effect from 1 July 2019.

In addition, APIQ Certification Policies Seven (CP7) and (CP9) have been reworded and strengthened to provide greater authority when handling matters of non-compliance to the APIQ_® Standards and/or in relation to breaches of Australian Law.  The revised Certification Policies will take effect from 1 July 2019.

We urge you to familiarise yourself with both documents and if you have any questions, please contact APIQ Management.

Toll Free 1800 789 099

APIQ_® Program Major Review, 2019

The APIQ_® Program will undergo a Major Review in 2019. The Review will address all aspects of the APIQ_® Program, from the APIQ_® Standards themselves through to verification options, manuals, publications, the website and everything in between, as well as benchmarking the APIQ_® Program against other leading livestock QA programs from Australia and around the world. Keep an eye out in the APL publications and your inbox for your invitation to take part in one of the many working groups which will be held in key locations around Australia. If you cannot make it to one of the meetings, send your feedback to us at and we will ensure that your feedback is heard.

The Major Review will be managed by an independent consultant. Feedback and recommendations will be forwarded to the APIQ Panel and the APL Quality Assurance and Animal Welfare (QAAW) Committee. Any revisions or amendments that change the intent of the APIQ_® Program Policies and/or Standards must be approved by the QAAW Committee and endorsed by the APL Board.

We will ensure that you are kept abreast of the Major Review discussion topics via regular updates throughout the Major Review process. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact APIQM on 1800 789 099 or via email

Steven Miller

APIQ Operations Manager