APIQ_® Customer Specifications for Supply to Coles Supermarkets

APIQ_® Customer Specifications Coles Verification

There are APIQ_® Standards and Performance Indicators specific to supplying pigs/pork to Coles. They were agreed to after extensive consultation between APL, Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd (Coles) and existing Coles’s producer suppliers.

The Standards are listed as Option B: Customer Specifications for Supply to Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd (Coles) (CSC) in the APIQ_® Standards Manual.

The CSC Option includes Standards and Performance Indicators for:

  • Stocking Density.
  • Husbandry Practices.
  • Antibiotics, Growth Promotant and Hormone Use.
  • Bedding and Enrichment.

To have Customer Specifications built into an industry’s QA program is a first for agriculture in Australia and fits with APL’s responsibility to “create the future farmers need” as listed in the company values.

This Customer Specification Module:

  • Gives all registered producers the opportunity to supply Coles if their compliance to CSC is verified through the APIQ_® Compliance Audit process.
  • Gives producers a single set of Standards to comply with.
  • Saves producers time and money by:
    • Requiring producers with one (1) site to have one (1) annual Compliance Audit rather than an APIQ_® audit and a Coles Audit annually; AND
    • One (1) Compliance Audit every two (2) years for each site in a Joint Certification; AND
    • Is audited by APIQ_® registered auditors who have been trained to audit against all APIQ_® Standards including CSC.

More information on APIQ CSC Verification is available within the APIQ_® Manuals and Guides 

Acquiring CSC Verification

If you would like to find out more about supplying to Coles Supermarkets, or how to meet the Standards please contact APIQM on 1800 789 099 or via email apiq@australianpork.com.au.

Verification of compliance to the CSC Standards occurs during your annual compliance audit.  Notify your Auditor that you wish to be CSC verified.